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most psychedelic record you've heard?
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Re: most psychedelic record you've heard?
Feb 20, 2015, 11:55
Apart from Spirit's Twelve Dreams, I would recommend what I regard as their magnum opus, which to me fits the bill even more, Future Games. I have not partook for many years, but this was a very good accompaniment. Another which I cannot praise highly enough would be Holger Czukay's Movies. As for the Floyd, the spirit of Syd lingered as far as Ummagumma, even part of AHM. Some Dead certainly would fall into this category, and I would love to hear the version of Dark Star on last year's Sunshine Daydream box. John Oswald/Dead's Greyfolded is a deeply weird thing too. Do not forget and give maximum respect to Gong's You....what memories I have from adventures back then are fond. Some Plastic Ono Band must surely have been 'fuelled'. AMT, natch. To me, the Prince of Psychedelia back in the '70's was: TERRY RILEY. Yes, A Rainbow In Curved Air deserves its popularity, but such a lot of his other output should be more widely known, eg Persian Surgery Dervishes, a personal favourite, and subsequent output. Henry Flynt and CC Hennix deserve a mention. What must be remembered, though, is that music has been made 'under the influence' for thousands of years. The only other mention of traditional music I've seen so far has been the Master Musicians of Joujouka. I bought an Ocora Records traditional music sampler by coincidence last week, which featured music from Gabon, and when I saw this topic I did a google for 'African hallucogens', which lead to peoples who partook, and, lo and behold, back to Gabon. Do a search for 'Youtube Bwiti'/Youtube Ibogo/both. Doubtless a search for South American hallucogens would prove just as fruitful musically, perhaps Smithsonian or Folkways? Russian shamanic music too? These people have had millennia to hone their music.
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