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Albums that deserve a second chance
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Edited Jan 28, 2013, 14:59
Re: Albums that deserve a second chance
Jan 28, 2013, 14:58
Moon Cat wrote:
"A Passion Play" is on my Tull to do list.

The Tangs "White Eagle". Hmmmmm.... I think the most recent TD album I have is 'Hyperborea' which is kinda, nice...all right. Generally, I'm a much bigger fan of the earlier stuff before some of the 80s thing began to swamp their sound. I've not got "White Eagle" and I've pretty much avoided most stuff where the year is "198.." or beyond, though I think "Hyperborea" is after "Eagle". Thing is, many, many years ago, I was at a house of a woman that used to work with my mum. Whilst they were nattering downstairs I was shunted upstairs with her two sons who were a few years older than me. I remember hearing them play a TD album and liking it (I'd been exposed to Phaedra and Ricochet via my dad) but could never remember what it was called.
I had thought it was "Hyperborea" but when I first heard that years later it was similar but not the one. I have a feeling, that "White Eagle" may be it!

I think you've identified why it's so overlooked - it's a genius record bookended by two OK-ish to yawnsome albums (Exit and Hyperborea). The only reason I know it so well is because I had a mate who bought it when it came out and forced the 'if it ain't metal...' 13 year old me to listen to it...

Have a listen here to side 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfyPpWGrvTc
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