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Albums that deserve a second chance
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: Albums that deserve a second chance
Jan 25, 2013, 11:09
Moon Cat wrote:
The thing is , I think the 90's were the last 'decade' and even that, when you look back, seems much more fragile and diaphanous a notion than the '80s' and so on, though time and distance can solidify these things eventually.

As media and communication tech has got more expansive and omnipresent, possibly in the most banal of ways, the time we are in, and the (western) cultural pathways seems to have got more fluid and disparate, more thinly spread (although more intense to the individual tapping away!) than in any time before. Perhaps we are so inclined to personalise previous iconic decades with the familiar baggage we attribute to them by reflex almost, that the 'apparent' lack of identity in our own time - apart from the free flow of what we might fondly call the 'digital age', and that's nostalgia born of ten minutes ago - may prove problematic. Perhaps the grand ages of identity are no more. Or, at best, served in bite sized chunks of now.

Hehe, I was so zonked last night I tried to read this about six times before throwing in the towel. Now I've had a couple of hours sleep I'll just say- 'Word!' and go off on my merry way. :)

And as to second chancers: Amon Duul II's tunarific Vive La Trance is my favourite thing by them. I can't help it... I love their far out jam period well enough, but this is too fun to ignore for me, with Kmaup's most gorge vocals on Jalousi, proto-punk Cockney Rebel-esque cuts like Ladies Mimikry and various other choons (annoying, affected word, but I've typed it now).

Also, The Magnetic Fields' gorgeous first two albums, without the dry monotone droney singing of Stephin Merritt completely draining the life out of his own songs, are just Indie music's peak. So many beautiful girl groupy hooks and lo-fi atmosphere- Susan Anway's vocals are as sweet and charming as Merritt's are [to me] buskerly. Never managed to get into anything other than The Wayward Bus and Distant Plastic Trees.

And most people seem to stop at The End with Nico...p'raps 'cause the album's called The End 'n' all and films have told us that's where things stop...but my friend played her cover of My Funny Valentine while giving me a lift the other day and we didn't say a word to each other for all 3 minutes 25 seconds of it. Perfect jazzy backing and mournful vocals- and all well after her supposed prime! My Funny Valentine
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