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Albums that deserve a second chance
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Moon Cat
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Re: Albums that deserve a second chance
Jan 25, 2013, 02:04
Oh no, dude don't doubt any of that...and twas an inneresting read too.

But, I've met old lags of a certain vintage that freely told me that they either hid or denied certain musics of their past in order to 'get with the programme' so to speak. Actually, when you think about it, it's quite funny, cos if these guys, who would have been in their teens or twenties, when year-zero is supposed to have happened for them, really DIDn't like anything prior to year-zero, then they must've spent a LOT of time not liking ANYthing til the bomb dropped.

I expect RHitchcock may have singled out the Beatles just cos of their cultural Hugeness as much as anything? I guess, love or loathe (I'm on planet love BTW), their omnipresence in the multiverse of 'POP' is an almost inevitable point of reference for being of a certain time and age pre-punk. And now, they're timeless! Crazy pop kids!
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