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Albums that deserve a second chance
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keith a
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Re: Albums that deserve a second chance
Jan 24, 2013, 15:27
Moon Cat wrote:
spencer wrote:
I remember Peel playing stuff off Tormato when it came out, praising it..when they played Glasto he stood at the front of the audience because 'he wanted to remind himself how bad they were' or words to that effect. A little bit of amnesia, perhaps...

I think a lot of that amnesia was contagious during the Ponk Wars.

Well yes, but this wasn't exactly the usual case though.

Tormato was post-punk, being released late '78 and so wasn't really something one expected to be featured on Peel. I was a regular listener at that time and do seem to recall him playing something off it and though things are hazy after all this time I seem to recall him saying it was better than he expected it to be. Which isn't the same thing as raving about it and then suddenly deciding he didn't like it!

So rather than amnesia, it really was a surprise that he played anything by Yes at that time (from the point of view that I'm surprised he even listened to it!). He didn't really play too many pre-punk bands (though there were exceptions such as VDGG and Can). I take your point about revisionism but in this case it's not as if Peel was raving about Tormato and then suddenly slagged them off.

From a personal P.O.V. as someone who liked punk / new wave and what was to follow but hadn't consigned my old fart records to the dustbin, me and a few mates thought it was great that YES had released an album called Tomato (because that's what it sounded like). It was so un-Topographic Ocean-like in title, it's simplicity welcoming. Then I found it they had spelt it Tormato and it suddenly seemed a lot less impressive!
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