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Albums that deserve a second chance
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Re: Albums that deserve a second chance
Jan 23, 2013, 23:39
Here's a few personal fav's that I feel get overlooked.

Peaches - Impeach My Bush
After 'Fatherfucker', I thought '...Bush' was the weaker little sister until recently. It's just a ballsy (ahem) as Fatherfucker, she's just polished her beats and tones ahem) a little more rigorously.

Black Sabbath - Mob Rules
Post Ozzy, and rocking hard with Dio now on board, the Sab's even throw a bit of space rock into the mix. I love everything about this record, dunno why, it's big and dumb and just really does it for me.

John Foxx - The Garden
After the stripped down and spartan future/ distopia fest that was Metamatic, It was a real surprise when I brought this home and slipped it onto the deck. It wasn't as I was hoping for, Metamatic pt II, it had, er, strings and moods and stuff, I was confused, why wasn't it Metamatic pt II. This was John Foxx wasn't it? Not bloody David Sylvian. I Put it on the shelf and quietly hated it for years, then one day a long time later I thought maybe my judgement had been a little harsh. Time to give it another spin. Put it on and it just clicked, loved it ever since.

Nitzer Ebb - Belief
By this time they had ditched the Die Krupps/D.A.F. affectations and embraced a more dance oriented production technique which suited their stripped back methods perfectly. Don't think they ever made a better album than this TBH.

P J Harvey - Is This Desire
This is when the Peej went all trip hop and less vagina guitar angst or Lynchian Cave-a-tronics. I guess at he time it was quite a dialed back album for her, but it's got some nice atmospheres on it. The title track is an understated stormer.

Bauhaus - Sky's Gone Out
Less post punk strip down skanks, and more, dare I say, proggy than I recall. Some great songs and playing on here, In The Night, Silent Hedges, Swing the Heartache are the stand outs for me alongside a great balls to the wall cover of Eno's Third Uncle. Also love the achingly arch goth/prog triptych of the Three Shadows PTs I-III. In fact, I luurve it all. Sadly, the CD omits the little spoken word bit at the end of the LP, which always annoys me. " My Baby, How Big You'll Be In A Very Little While...." (The Original Being Boiled 7" remaster by the Human League does the same with the bit of dialogue from Dark Star...on the single, not on the CD. Grrr).

Beck - Mutations
Not as 'funky' or hip hop as many of his releases, just adds a touch of tropicalia and psychedelia to the mix, a little more laid back to in places. The strung out beauty of Diamond Bollox being my fav'. Mind you, it's not quite as 'down' as Sea Changes, which must be his post break up record, one that doesn't get too many spins here.

There are loads more, but me fingers are getting tired.
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