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Which Kiss albums?
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Moon Cat
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Re: Which Kiss albums?
Apr 22, 2012, 18:04
So, you are, quite rightly, entitled to your opinion, as you have reminded me on many occasions. And I declare mine on an issue I consider of reasonable importance and this is apparently so unsettling it's not 'the real Moon Cat'?

I'm afraid this is the real Moon Cat 'speaking', sorry but there is is, and it transpires that everything I have attempted to say on this matter has been (wilfully or otherwise) misinterpreted or ignored. For example, you offered an opinion on a post (you admit you hadn't actually read I might add), and accused me of using, what was to you, surprisingly, 'earnest' language that belied the importance or otherwise of the matter at hand. If you had read the post you might of realised the 'earnestness' of the language was meant in the style of pastiche, indicating, that yes of course, the matter, in the grand scheme of things, is not that important and that the band in question is not particularly relevant. And the initial post was not directed at you, KeithA, but 'you' as in the general keyboard hoverers that seem to have an instinct to dive in and tell people that they shouldn't like a certain band as soon as that bands name is mentioned. This has been going on for a loooooooooooooonng time. I am illustrating my point of view on it, just as you are yours.

To summarise/clarify/minimise - Some people here happen to like the band KISS. Other people should, you know, really get over it. Especially by now.

I am also of the point of view, and you may well disagree, that it seems a bit unecesasarily negative and questionable to routinely slag off the same band to the same people year after year, especially when you have built up cordial relations with those people. Your 'defence'((a bit top heavy I admit but I'm trying to be concise) is, well it always happens to Morrissey. Is that a two-wrongs making a right then? I agree with you, people should be able to mention the M word without other people frothing at the mouth too. That is what I am saying. There's the banter of which you speak and then the tiresome inevitability of having to justify why you like a certain something, especially when you are trying to discuss that something with other enthusiasts. I don't like football Keith. I generally try not to succumb to the urge to join a football thread and say it's cack and berate others for liking it, cos that'd be a twatty thing to do. It's not just about opinion; it's about consideration. It is to me anyway.
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