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Which Kiss albums?
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Re: Which Kiss albums?
Apr 20, 2012, 10:44
IanB wrote:
paradox wrote:
Me too!............Enjoy!

I actually played Hotter Than Hell earlier after all the talk on here...

Loved every dumb second.

... and that's exactly what it's for so why do they attract the snobbery?

I sometimes wonder if some of the HH readership think Cope is just being obtuse or deliberately arch. As he points out Kiss have classic songs for days. The Dolls have maybe six songs in the same class. For my money only Cheap Trick's catlaogue goes as deep in terms of the sheer number of power pop gems.

having dug out my copy of Double Platinum [which IMHO is the only KISS record you need ]I have to agree,I'd include Thin Lizzy with Cheap Trick, but for 4 minute pop metal gems they are hard to beat, though it's noticeable that the majority of Paul Stanley or co write tracks is probably what makes it great

I think KISS have a problem with many folk [including it must be said myself] with Image & back history.The music really is secondary to the makeup, the big show and the money machine, KISS make no bones about it, they'll climb on any bandwagon, churn out any old shite as long as they think it will turn a buck, not helped by the fact that Gene appears generally to be a rather odious individual and generally lacking a sense of humour.
It's not heped by the blanket ignoring of the fact by KISS fans that a big chunk of their output is at best average and at worst genuinely vile, Peter Hammill fans don't seem to have a problem with the fact that he may have had a few off points, no one is claiming everything Dylan has touched is gold but supposedly a house without Animalize or Psycho Circus is home with no heart, and I'm not even going to mention The Elder.
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