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Edited Feb 26, 2010, 18:27
Re: Zappa
Feb 26, 2010, 18:21
The Sea Cat wrote:
IanB wrote:
The Sea Cat wrote:
Nuff said. Never seen them live and I don't want to. A friend of mine saw the recent thing with the French Canadian stand-in and she thought it was pretty dire and all a bit pointless really.

Shame you've never seen them. 75 - 78 they were fantastic. The second half (ie the night time portion) of the QPR show from 76 is well worth seeing if you want a flavour of their thing at that time. Great / mad stage set and some very intense playing. It's really innocent in many ways and the fact that nothing is sequenced or being done to a click is really refreshing. It never came out on DVD AFAIK but I am sure some kind fan is offering it for free download somewhere.

I was too young and I would only want to have heard them in their classic period when you did. Daft as it is, I'm not the greatest fan of live albums ( although a select few are something else ) is Yessongs worth checking out, quality wise ?

The QPR thing is a video so the lack of audio quality is counter balanced by the fact that you can see them struggling with this mad music and their mad trousers.

I am biased towards Yessongs. Probbaly my favoutire pre-Punk record at the time and still a big favourite. They sound much more like a rock band than on the studio albums and the clarity is what you would expect for a 72/73 live album but the violence and beauty of the playing (especially Howe and Squire) is fantastic.

Here they are at QPR in Mahavishnu mode


I love how small the stage is for a stadium gig.
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