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Lady Gaga on The Brits
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Edited Feb 18, 2010, 23:59
Re: Lady Gaga on The Brits
Feb 18, 2010, 17:02
Couldn't agree more. The music industry launches at very least a dozen new so-called geniuses a year and much of it, like fashion, is about running just far enough ahead of the cultural zeitgeist that a large number of people will throw a great deal of money at you so as to show everyone else that they have caught up with the style leader.

Too far ahead and you will probably have a load of rave reviews but nothing much in the bank to show for it. If you are so late you are always busy looking for the bandwagon de jour then you probably already missed it.

Lets face it that's not really the mark of a mature musical culture! So to hang anything more than the thrill-of-the-moment on any rock or pop is ultimately self defeating.

It (be "it" the music, the package, the shoes, the hair, the microphone twirl, the dance steps, the junkie chic, the teenage existentialist angst etc) either gets you off or it doesn't and chances are you will feel differently about it next week, month, year in any case.

To cross a couple threads I would rather spend £30 to see Lady Gaga than Primal Scream but that's not really measure of anything other than my own quirks as a pop consumer.
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