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Krautrock:The Re-birth of Germany- Youtube taster!
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Jim Tones
Jim Tones
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Edited Oct 24, 2009, 12:05
Re: Krautrock:The Re-birth of Germany- Youtube taster!
Oct 24, 2009, 12:03
handofdave wrote:
Does it strike anyone as ironic that on several other threads we're blasting the BNP and yet still using the term 'Krautrock'? And 'Japrock' is another one slung 'round these parts, too, even tho both derive from WW2-era epithets?

Where do you draw the line though?

ok the 'P' word and the 'N' word have been discussed ad nauseum elsewhere and I believe 'jap' is a derogatory term in the US and now some are saying 'kraut', even Jaki Leibezeit on said programme seemed against it, albeit with a smirk on his face-
It was the folk of the UK that put food on his table! =8-o

Why not drop the term 'Welsh'- as it comes from an old Saxon word 'wealhas'- which ironically means 'foreigner' -the feckin' cheek of it.... the germanic language was foreign to the british isles!

(y'see h.o.d., I like to mention the Welsh a lot as it really pisses people off secretly!) ;-D
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