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Bands You Just Don't Get ...
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Popel Vooje
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Edited Oct 04, 2008, 01:19
Re: Bands You Just Don't Get ...
Oct 04, 2008, 01:17
Moon Cat wrote:
Popel Vooje wrote:
The White Stripes.

Quite how a 14th rate Royal Trux tribute band have ascended to the critical and commercial heights that they've achieved is an even bigger mystery than the identity of Jack the Ripper. Even the normally infallible Peelie supported them. Why, John, why?


Simple, cos Royal Trux made mostly unlistenable arse, so self referencingly shite they actually illustrated it with some gusto on an album cover, that people pretend to like because of THE FEAR, and to their credit, some quite good tunes when they uncoupled the cranial-sphincter interface.

The White Stripes, in the meantime, have better riffs plus the added wonderment of Meg's head tilt.

I disagree on both points. Royal Trux's early albums may be unlistenable to those who - unlike me - don't enjoy formless, primitive cacophony for its own sake. Their later albums like "Thank You", on the other hand, are fairly digestable Stones/Dolls-influenced sleaze-rawk that did the whole minimalist two-piece rockstar couple shebang with way more verve and abandon than the Stripes' contrived "we're teetotal but we still rock" shtick (yeah, and I'm a murderer who's never killed anybody, a bestselling novelist who's never written a book, or a bisexual man who's never had a homosexual experience).

I also find this whole "are they a couple or are they related" hype tiresome in the extreme. Who, outside of their fervent fanbase, gives a flying donkey-turd? If their music had anything of interest to offer, they wouldn't need to use such a cheesy, predictably innuendo-soaked angle to sell themselves. I fail to find anything remotely appealing about them other than Meg's catalogue-model foxy looks. The fact that such a boring, conventional, retrogressive band are seen as being in any way refreshing or stimulating only serves as indictment of how stale indie-rock has become over the last 16 years.

I'd rather listen to Phil Collins, Barry Manilow and Cliff Richard raping each other in an aircraft hangar than be subjected to their mind-numbingly unimaginative blooze-rawk bollocks ever again. Come back Coldplay - all is forgiven.
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