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Bands You Just Don't Get ...
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keith a
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Re: Bands You Just Don't Get ...
Oct 03, 2008, 19:58
Moon Cat wrote:

And how is the whole post-punk hegemony a 'new slant' on things? New?!!! That stuff is all flippin' older than Maiden now ;^)

Obviously I meant new at the time. Obviously not all post-punk bands had a new slant on things - they had their copycatters like everyone else. But I stand by the bands in that list that they all, regardless of whether anyone likes them or not, had a new sland at the time.

Moon Cat wrote:

Seriously, a substantial divide betwixt, for want of a better phrase, the metal brigade and the long overcoats, is that the metal brigade will happily acknowledge, even embrace the silliness and ridiculousness of our first love - metal fans still love Bad News/Spinal Tap et al more than most - but there is a post-punk po facedness to someone for whom Joy Division* are the mutz nutz. There will never be a Spinal Tap equivalent of the 'new slant' artists cos they're not funny and the fans can't laugh at em anyway. It's like 'entertainment' is a dirty word, unless it falls from Paul Weller's gob preceded by the word "That's" ;^)
And metal fans have had to, by simple survival, grow thicker skins. That's why we're so metal you see heee!

I think that's a huge generalisation to say that metal fans embrace silliness and that Joy Division fans are po-faced. I love Joy Division, and I can assure you, regardless of how I might come across on here, I'm not remotely po-faced in 'real life'!

(Honest, guv. Just cos I don't put smiley faces after everything I write doesn't mean I'm being serious!!)

I love Bad News, Spinal Tap. I really don't think you need to like metal to appreciate those films any more than you need to have shown dogs to appreciate Best In Show.

I haven't got a problem with anyone still liking their first loves. I still like most of mine, it's just that with being an old bastard they (The Move, Manfred Mann, Beatles, etc) are a different kettle of fish to someone who was growing up a later time.

Neither have I got a problem with entertainment or 'silliness'. I don't just listen to the so-called greats like VU all day - I like loads of daft pop songs that I won't embarrass myself by admitting to right now.

And I know for a fact that if Wig Wam Bam came on the radio right now I would enjoy it. Probably more than I should!
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