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Moon Cat
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Re: The NWOBHM era phone game.
Sep 17, 2008, 19:25
This is for fellow saddoes. A few years ago a fellow old skool metal head chum and I had a reminisce about about old issues of Kerrang and, in particular, the old ads for the semi-legendary Shades Records in Soho's Wardour Street. We waxed lyrical about how they would say things like "Angelwitch! Huge! Buy or Die!" or, "NEW! Jaguar! buy or FOAD!". And, if a new example of a particular sub-genre came along that they rated they'd say stuff like "Candlemass! The most immense doom album ever! Delete Witchfinder General!"

So, for some reason, this spontaneous and utterly pointless game started where we would, if texting each other, attempt to end the sent text with the most obsure 'Delete..." ever i.e "Delete Bitches Sin!". Of course, seeing that we ran out of bands years ago.... we are still doing this....the rules of engagement have been altered so that contemporary prog bands (Say, Pendragon), glam-metal bands (RATT et al), Southern Rockers ( 38 Special etc al) hard core bands (Circle Jerks) and more were allowed if the sendee initiated the genre. Naturally we have repeated ourselves loads but if a name is sufficiently amusing and enough time has elapsed since first entered then it can be used again. My mate texted me once saying he was at the till in the supermarket when he started giggling like an eejit cos I'd just ended a text to him with "Delete Molly Hatchet"
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