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Moon Cat
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Edited Sep 17, 2008, 18:19
Sep 17, 2008, 17:56
keith a wrote:
Moon Cat wrote:

One of the odd highlights for me at the time was the often quite odd sight of a rock/metal band like Gillan or Whitesnake suddenly appearing on Top of The Pops 'performing' their hit and being surrounded by the often bewildered studio audience shuffling about sort-of-dancing with perhaps a few at the front showing some initiative and attempting a polite head bang. And as one of the few metal-heads at school I was often required to explain "what on earth was that all about?!" the next day from inquiring and bemused class-mates.

Blimey, Moonie. Who were these people still shocked by long hair and a rock beat in the 80's?!

Are you sure these classmates and people at TOTP weren't discerning music lovers who recognised that the likes of Here We Go Again were actually pop fodder with a stodgy beat?

Or am I protesting too much and I really do need Kiss in my life?

; )

Well, most kids at my school were into two-tone and/or the pop of the day in this most musically formative of periods and thus were genuinely perplexed by the late 70's early 80's long haired axe widdlers, especially if they appeared on TOTP. You gotta remember if someone like Gillan or Saxon appeared on telly at all it was a real rarity and they really stood out like cock bulges in spandex on TOTP. (until Milli Vanilli came along)

But yes, you are and you do, and one day, you will..... you will. mwahahahahhaaaaa! ;^)
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