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Edited Sep 11, 2008, 17:35
Sep 11, 2008, 17:13
Diamondhead, Praying Mantis were the best who didn't make it, but had more than one decent tune

Fair dues to Venom, they invented Black Metal, but they are shit

Witchfynde, why do people still sing the praises of this lot, turgid sub Sabbath tosh, I know i had 2 of their albums, the 1st had a primitive charm, the 2nd was plain horrible

Vardis-Quo on speed lotsa fun

Girl-shoulda been huge, easily the best NWOBHM band i saw

Saxon-the first album with Frozen Rainbow on it is amusing, and the one with 747 on it is great, if they came from LA they would have been massive, but they came from Barnsley and have no sense of humour

Riot-us rockers ,same era first three albums are classic, then the singer left anfd they got some dork in

at the same time the US had a bunch od Styx influence preening buffoons, of which Legs Diamond were the best by far. Anyone remember Starcastle [snigger snigger]

lots of bands were great live, made terrible albums, stand up Quartz, Spider, Fist, White Spirit

Bernie Torme had some great singles out before he joined Gillan

and finally same era but not really NWOBHM but featuring a future Maiden drummer, Pat Travers Makin Magic & Putting It Straight, if you like trad metal you really should give theese two a listen

Almost forgot Trust-french metallers. early stuff was spot on

Shakin Street featuring this young lady


they were great honest, had a future member of Manowar in them

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