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The pop of today
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Edited Feb 26, 2008, 18:13
Curmudgeon, but it's the economics of media
Feb 26, 2008, 17:58
(Didn't mean to be specifically responding to PMM's comment, accidentally posted this up here!)

That song by The Darkness from a few years back was pretty funny. Before that, Missy Elliot had a good run of hits. Gorillaz had a couple catchy tunes, though I wonder how much of their appeal is based on the cartoons.

But really everything I hear that passes for current pop over the last decade or so sounds like a rehash of something from the past. I think the nostalgia cycle finally caught up with itself in the early 2000's -- the snake that was eating its own tail disappeared up its own butt, so to speak.

The truth is there is no "mainstream music media" anymore -- radio stations focus on very specific demographics (hard rock for males 18-29, soft ballads for female office workers, etc.) MTV had taken over for top 40 radio in the 80's, but by the 90's the videos were replaced by teen dating shows and the like. "Narrowcasting" replaced "broadcasting."

In fact the main place I am exposed to "current pop" these days is -- television commercials!! Apparently advertising is the new top 40!
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