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Andy Peacehole
Andy Peacehole
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Feb 16, 2008, 09:13
Dog 3000 wrote:
What exactly do those riffs say?

"Chuck Berry is my hero"

"This will sound great in a car commercial a few years down the road"

"Another scotch guv'nor"

"Where'd I put me ciggies?"

(Sheesh, is this all you guys got? I expected wave after wave of viscious assaults coming from all directions for daring to question the sainthood of Keef's guitar!)

Oh, get outta Dodge (Already!!!) and don't be a DOWNUH!!!

You want 'viscious'? I'm plumb out of slippery roads, but you're treading a fine line twixt ignorance and bliss so et me push you RIGHT over the edge!

For a start, this is SECOND (2-N-D) time I've caught you raggin' the adorable Stone Rollers Deluxe! MERCY!

Is it the Stones' money you after? Too late: Klein got nearly ALL their London/Decca sides stashed in Switzerland, honey! They done earned it honestly: by Rock'n'Rolling the WORLD (this planet HEAH) with their glitter trash, sex, and drugs and dirty dreams (and they're STILL surviving ON THE STREETS!) And they're in tatters! As always! Hooray!

Chuck always got his in cash and drove straight off in his R&B airmobile, dodging radio birdmen up above! Bravo!

You wanna break it down to Keef the Riff-hard? Well, lissen up, honey: there's more to those paleolithic riffs than Chuckles the B (have mercy on his pissed-on face *GIGGLE!*) Have a go at someone with half the moxie and I'd be agreement til next Tuesday...and beyond!

And sidestepping the white confectionaries for the moment, let us look at what he did outside of the image, drugs, ciggies and drink. IT'S LOTS!

He's a scowling outsider/high society disbeliever hunkered down with an an arsenal of riffs that (BELIEVE ME) drive down far lower than only Chess record Bee sides! Like with country honk, slow Chicago blues, all the roots, all the basic tenets bestowed upon us all by the ever-loving grace of Elvis (KING) Presley, Robert Johnson, Muddy H-2-Oh and so on and so on and so on into the river of live ALL great rock'n'roll IS!!!!!

And reggae! You don't have a son of one of the Bros. Neville playing in your band 'less you the real McCoy and NOOOOOOOOO foooolin'! Ivan played keys on Keith's "Talk Is Cheap" 20 years ago and still sounds untainted by nothing x-cept experience~!

- He wrote "Satisfaction" in a dream and it became a bigger one for all of us in the waking world! If you be asleep, you'll only hear zzzzz's!

-"Dance Little Sister" makes me do just that. ALWAYS! You can forgive him for anything after a spin of that 1974 classic. Makes me blush 4-Evuh for doing what my big sister did (and TWICE no less!!)

- "Miss Amanda Jones": 3-way Keith crosstalk while Brian snoozed away in a green room dream of oblivion (Brain was cute, but just SO out of it in '66) and it still sounds like the 4 minute kaleidoscope dream that IT IS!

- "Little T&A" and all the other Keef sung tracks that litter every album since "Before They Make Me Run" off "Some Girls" -- I'd be HIS little rock'n'roll, anytime with a blue beat delivery like that!

- "Make No Mistake" off his brilliant, down-beat first solo album. Al Green if he was a lighter shade of male (incoming!)

- "Sympathy For The Devil": Oooohhhh -- for THAT solo, I'd scold even the superfine Strait 'James' Williamson for blatant "My Sweet Lord"/"He's So Fine" reverse plagiarism. Did you EVUH???!!!

- "Citadel": I never felt FINUH first hearing those atonal strums of plectrum lunacy ring in my VA-GI-NUH in the moooorrrrnnnig! What was he on (besides Fly Agaric and Anita? Methinks pure inspir-AY-SHUN)

He got heart, he got funk he got SOUL-THRICEFOLD! You think you got him figured then he goes and does one better...by remaining the same! Only better! LIKE BUTTUH

And he's got more than you think he does....he's undercovah...in the night and strikes with a spirit's knife with riffs deadly and a-plenty. So there!!


Andy Peacehole
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