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underrated guitarists
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Re: underrated guitarists
Feb 13, 2008, 17:09
A few might include
Steve Bartek - (Oingo Boingo, Strawberry Alarm Clock)...was a founding member of SAL but as he was 14 he couldn't tour and do the whole bit because of school, but he did write on a lot of their songs. His work on Oingo Boingo's records is pretty damned amazing, a very distinct style and a good dose of insanity in his playing, very controlled, polished insanity but insanity nonetheless).

Captain Sensible - (The Damned)...in my mind this guy should be mentioned in the same breath as any of the other classic guitar 'heroes'. He could, and still can, just kick some fucking ass on the guitar. The best example of his playing is still on the record 'Machine Gun Etiquette' especially on tracks like 'Plan 9 Channel 7' and 'Antipope'. Pretty great solo on what I think is his last recorded track with the band, 'Dead Beat Dance,' from the 'Return of the Living Dead' soundtrack).

Phil ? - (Six Finger Satellite)...I think his name was Phil something but I may be dead wrong. Anyways, this guy is one of my favorite guitarists ever...some people wrote his playing off as a Jesus Lizard rip-off but I say no way. Some of the fiercest, most brutal, scraping, gray, nasty, metallic guitar playing of all time. They started off very gimmicky, but fun (Severe Exposure) then put out a dark no/new wave record (Paranormalized) then put out a phenomenal big guitar record (Law of Ruins) that everyone should hear, really.

Donald Skinner - (Julian Cope)...I wish I could remember the name of the band he played in after his separation with Jules, I would really like to hear it. Does anyone remember? Anyways, his liquidy, fluid lead lines on Fried MADE that record...I mean, take any one element of that record away and it wouldn't be what it is, as Cope said, it was a 'serendipitous' moment, but I REALLY cannot imagine the record without Donneye's amazing leads (especially 'Laughing Boy', one of my all time favorites). His contributions on subsequent records (including great bass and drum skills) are all great. They guy is deffo underrated.

Duane Aslaksen - (Roky erickson and the Alens)...man, this guy is one of the best blues/rock lead guitarists ever...and I hate blues/rock, except when Roky does it. Roky is a great guitarist in his own right but when Duane joined him, man, it was electric and unstoppable...check out the 'Don't Slander Me' record.
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