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Zep To Tour Next Year ...
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Re: Zep To Tour Next Year ...
Dec 07, 2007, 10:16
I dunno, The Clash was to my ears the crappiest jump-on-the-bandwagon act since Dead Schweppelin. C'mon bad pubrock 'a la 101rs with a mohawk? Actually most UK bands that called themselves "punk" sucked IMHO.
Punk is a straight line from Hasil Adkins thru the Keggs to Electric Eels, the Cramps and Black Flag. Sorry,the only UK punks I can think of is Malcolm McLaren/Vivienne Westwood who took it all the way up into the boardrooms and played the ceos like a pimply 14 year-old with a cheap plastic guitar.
And, of course, Lemmy.
The age of the English eccentric died with Quentin Crisp. Now there are only a few inspired nutcases left fighting against a faceless mass of art-school-conceptual acts.
Lemmy, Billy Childish, Julian Cope, Genesis P-Orridge, Sonic Boom, Clive Palmer.....Kate Bush. These are the people that should be the major artists in the UK. And maybe Dj Spooky, Panjabi MC and Russell Haswell...I mean even Napalm Death consists of no original members touring around pretending to be the real thing. Too long with Cliff Richard, Elton John,Iron Maiden left a barren wasteland...leaning together in a straw hut, alas..The Horror, the Horror!
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