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What do you truly remember from childhood?
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Re: What do you truly remember from childhood?
Nov 20, 2007, 13:03
Being driven around to Morris gatherings by a family friend whose husband turns up in The Great St Trinians Train Robbery leading the morris band.
Walking across great tracts of Norfolk while staying at my mother's cousin's vestry house. Being told about myxamatosis which was raging at the time.
Walking to and from my grandparents place across the golf links around Woodford green. Frequent longish distance trips with grandparents to places like Saffron Walden, Harlow in grandad's blue Renault 4. Playing carlocopters on the backseat.
I think my earliest memory was sitting between 2 people on the backseat of a car driving through Kenya.
Playing war in the jungle area in the backgarden, must've just been a small area of bushes that were overgrown. Somebody breaking a branch in the tree in the middle of the back garden and falling with it to the ground. The metal climbing frame in the middle of it. Whizzing down the path on the side of the single-parent-family-flats-house seated on a little red scooter gaining speed all the way and probably damaging somebody's flower bed. Exploring the coal shute which left me in the basement of another flat. Orange Hot Wheels tracks set up in the living room.
Memories of each of the schools I went to. plus the playschools.
Bits of SWEET, TREX, David Bowie, can't remember much else early 70s. My mother bought the Red double Beatles lp when it came out, outside of that we didn't have much pop or rock stuff that wasn't from the telly. a couple of KTel like compis which were cool.
I remember seeing the Ramones doing BabY I Love You on what i assume was TOTP. Possibly the LWT punk programme that I got as a torrent this year being watched on my grandparents tv.
My grandad's early C20 children's encyclopedias which I perused at length.
Think that's enough right now
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