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What do you truly remember from childhood?
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Squid Tempest
Squid Tempest
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Re: What do you truly remember from childhood?
Nov 20, 2007, 11:17
machineryelf wrote:
Junior Choice and all the old faves, My Bruvver being one that stands out, along with a bunch of Bernard Cribbins tunes, also had an album of Alice In Wonderland that had Frankie Howard on it, i was totally fascinated with his voice. Also had the Mary Poppins soundtrack, and i used to play Feed The Birds over & over, didn't like the chirpy cockernee stuff but i loved a good dirge.Also After The Goldrush must have been imprinted on my mind because i knew it as soon as i heard it on lp much later
On TOTP earliest memories were of Slade,T Rex, Alice Cooper doing Schools Out with sword, Nazareth, and the best one was Hawkwind doing Silver Machine, that really struck a chord[probably the same one repeatedly]
Another vivid memory is Mungo Jerry on crackerjack or similar, IIRC there were quite a few odd groups on kids TV
Banana Splits, Flashing Blade,Robinson Crusoe, best stop now before i drown in nostalgia
As my parents listened to Radio 2 [i assume, it certainly wasn't Radio 1] popular music was a bit thin on the ground, so it was like a bolt out of the blue if something good turned up

Kids today with their MTV and their pod-i's don't know how lucky they are

I was going to mention Junior Choice too. What was that one about "we all go up-up-up-up-up the mouwowowowntain"?!

And Hawkwind doing Silver Machine I remember as clear as day coz it was the very first thing I saw on a colour TV (round one of my dad's friend's house).

As for radio, apart from Telstar etc, I think my earliest memory is Bits and Pieces (Dave Clark 5), which apparently I used to stomp around the room to. That and the Thunderbirds Theme.
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