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Yuk! You're posh!
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Yuk! You're posh!
Oct 16, 2007, 09:54
Has to be the lamest reason to dislike any musician.
Vince's well observed comment re Radiohead made me think of this.

Off the top of my head the only two genuine 'trailer trash' boys I can think of are Iggy Pop and Eminem (love the latter when he was good!).

Oasis grew up on a council Estate - does that give them any more 'validity' than say, eh, most of the artists coveted on this here place?

I used the find myself mired in this fuzzy logic until I stopped and realised alot of what I like is done by the sort of middle classers I'll never hang out with in my life - so doesn't matter a jot really...yet slagging off Keane and James Cnut for that very reason still has some appeal...dunno why though;-))

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