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Moon Cat
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Jan 31, 2007, 17:56
Well if you're talking about the Norwegian stuff they seemed to be rebelling against the cosiness of Norwegian life. In fact a Norwegian psychologist posited the notion that a lot of these kids had nothing to rebel against, unlike say, living under a totalitarian regime, so they just went to upset people for the sake of it. Like swearing in front of granny or kicking a poodle.

I don't think burning down a few nice old churches is any ideology I'd want to subscribe to. I think it's really stupid.

Soz, but I think people calling themselves stuff like Nocturno Culto, or Frost or Count Grishnakh is wonderfully silly, even if they don't. I don't tdoubt their commitment to making their music. But even Abbath from Immortal recently said something alongt the lines that "...it's all rock n roll. I'm not a priest of Satan. I'm not fucking stupid". The most shocking thing a black metal muscian could do is call himself "Simon" or something.

I think there's some incredible music out there but..
.. All this Satanic stuff is cobblers, regardless of the music. Anyhoo, how can you believe in Satan without believing in God seeing as the version of Satan thus glorified is essentially a Christian construct?

And Venom were three Geordies who just wanted to make a horrible punk/metal racket. And more power to 'em I say.
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