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Andy Peacehole
Andy Peacehole
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"Jumping Jack Flash" = Sexy Stones trax rule!
Dec 08, 2006, 06:54
xxx Riotmaster, I'm SO with you on this! xxx People like you and me like MUSIC...which is a RIVER. of LIFE!!!/

I heard the Stones from older siblings until I DESPISED them, carried on and then rediscovered them many years later and fell in love with them and their jagged ways/

Condemning those good ol' horrible Stones of ripping off Chuck Berry is like dissing the perfect little Beatles for being a Buddy Holly cover band! I(What a DRASTICALLY callous and narrow minded statement! I'm still recovering!)/

OK, Chuck and Bo and Muddy.All OVUH the map of Stones land with big "X"s! But what about the Beatles, too: Carl Perkins, Buddy and Little Richard the Queenie? A-WHHOOOOOOOOOOOO! And it looks like every band, EVER, too! So I miss your point COMPLETELY (but then again, I am a SPUPREME airhead who lives in and for the moment/!)

I am SO SORRY to come over all neggy. But DO check YO head before you play that tired race card again! It is SO divisive, unconstructive and to put it most simply NOT TO THE POINT, off the mark and DOCK your butt 4 points for damming the undammable, SUGAH! Stones rule! You don't have to LOVE everything (altho moi is currently trying to make it my little ol' raisin detere, so there!)

I don't know EVERY Stones track, but I know and love many and I know most of them do not adhere strictly to R+B+Chuckles the B!!!

And how could ANYONE forget all those lovely Elizabethian-tinged madrigals the Stones did. "Lady Jane", "Sad Day" or "When Blue Turns To Grey" make me reach for the camisole and cannibis. EVERY TIME! Or the FIERCENESS of "Paint It, Black"?!!/

And So many sexy tracks, late night, back door romance of "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'"? Like creeping up the back stairs on tippy toes so no one will hear?! Sets my heart on FIRE! Every time! But not like 'Jumping Jack Flash" that song I can't even speak of it in anything less than hushed tones it SO ripped my head off years ago during this party my girlfriends and I were having......doing things....and I swear the apartment walls were throbbing to the beat when we were dancing so hard that we all oh, I'm blushing now!! O it was so HOTTT we all raced to the shower, BELIEVE it!

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