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Radioactive Records: the enemy?
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Beautiful Day
Beautiful Day
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Re: Radioactive Records: the enemy?
Jul 02, 2006, 19:07
they've gone and done it again with a record that is getting a legit reissue from Timothy Renner's Hand/Eye label in a couple of months. Boycott the inferior Radioactive boot and hang on for the real McCoy I say. This was posted in Timothy's Live Journal today

"Radioactive Records UK has just released an illegal pirate needle-drop bootleg CD of an album by the Trees called "The Christ Tree."

As you may or may not know, I have been working directly with the band on an official reissue of this album for YEARS now.

I spent about 1 year tracking down all of the living members and, in many cases, putting them back in contact with each other for the first time in twenty years. After doing this, I asked permission to reissue "The Christ Tree." The band gave me permission and also gave me a huge box of unreleased reels of music.

I spent about another year transferring all of these reels analog-to-digital. Because of the age of the tapes and the fact that they had moved from desert to humid clime and back over the years, I had to have the tapes "baked" before ever playing them. This is a very expensive process, but one that needed to be done to ensure the stability of the tapes. I then had to buy a reel machine.

After transferring all of the music, I spent another 6 months or so editing the best parts down to 4 CDs of music, chosen by the band and I as the best of the best. I then paid Dennis Blackham at Skye Mastering to master these CDs - a considerable investment, but Dennis is one of the best in his field and it was worth it. The Trees and I were both thrilled with the results.

We are set to release "The Christ Tree" at summer's end. It will be the original album, remastered from original tapes, with bonus tracks and 3 CDs of unreleased material! It has taken the entire resources of my record label and most of the money I have ever made selling my own records, playing shows, etc to get our version ready. It was a risk before this bootleg came out, and now we will have an illegal version to compete with. I have felt, since first hearing the album, that I was meant to reissue this. I figured, if it breaks the label, at least we went out doing something I love and 100% believe in.

Dark Holler • Hand/Eye is the ONLY record label that has permission from the Trees to reissue this material.

Then we find, just the other day, Radioactive Records UK has released a bootleg CD.

"The Christ Tree" was originally released by the band, on their own label. No other individual or organization has any claims to the rights on this recording. Radioactive's CD is illegal, immoral, and will not benefit anyone but Radioactive. Their claims that it is "authentic" or "official" are outright lies.

Please DO NOT BUY their records, and especially their version of "The Christ Tree." If you see it pop on on Ebay, please report it as a bootleg. Please inform any retailers/mailorder houses that you see carrying it of the bootleg/illegal status of the Radioactive version, and please tell them that a LEGITIMATE version is just a couple months away. PLEASE help. We must rely on consumers and specialty mailorder houses to do the right thing.

The Hendrix estate just won a huge settlement against Radioactive, and we will join another lawsuit against them if we can, but we will have to get in line as they have ripped off countless other bands and labels.

Please help in any way you can.

Timothy Renner
Dark Holler • Hand/Eye"
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