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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Off the top of me head
Mar 04, 2006, 02:23
Whoah! That's a long list going there.

Some bloozoid heaviness I have been enjoying lately would include:


Silberbart "4 Times Sound Razing" - German classic!

Flower Travellin' Band "Satori" - from Japan, another masterpiece!

Socrates Drank The Conium "On The Wings" - from Greece, their other LPs also have their moments, but this one is the heaviest.

Simply Saucer "Cyborgs Revisited" - supercool Canadian underground band, like Floyd-Velvets-Hawkwind in their prime, but no one knew who they were . . . think it was Cope's AOTM before.

A groovy punk band that sounds sorta like out-of-tune Sir Lord Baltimore records, played too slow with the hole punched off-center:

Crime - "San Francisco's Doomed" seems to be their closest to a proper LP. (They dressed like cops and played gigs in prisons, and they were called "Crime" getit? Hahahaha . . . you would know them from their song "Hotwire My Heart", Sonic Youth covered it.)

Contemporary Japanese bands that rule in a 70s fuzzprogblooz way:


Eternal Elysium

(I'm sure there's a lot more where these came from -- recently I heard of a band called High Rise . . . )
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