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Vocals that put me off the music
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Re: Vocals that put me off the music
Sep 01, 2004, 09:03
is nothing sacred?
I should elaborate perhaps: Joy Divsion is a group I was into in high school @ '79-'82 when no one else anywhere within a 5 mile radius seemed to have heard of them...you're right that they shouldn't be equated w/ the likes of Rush since at least JD's MUSIC was cool...but I just never warmed to Ian's warbling/moaning off key thing and as time went on I found it to be more & more of a deal breaker ...but I did like them for a bit, unlike Tom Waits, who I've never been able to stand doing his whiskey-soaked-croak shtick, or Rush, who I liked briefly in @1978 when my older brother brought their first 3 lps home in a triple lp set...then I heard them. !
...reminds me I should have added Budgie to my previous "Vocals put me off the music" post...

I gave up on Sonic Youth early too, after "Confusion is Sex" w/ it's awful version of the Stooges "...dog" & I was not regrettting that lack of Sonic Youth in my life when I heard/saw them open for the Stooges last year....changing guitars after every song (for diff. tunings presumably) with no discernible result..every tune being the same drone/strum/rave-up attempt with the worst bass playing imaginable & worse vocals & even they looked bored by the monontony of it all.
I sold Thurston a beat up Jazz lp for $60.oo once though so I forgive him for his part in the pre-Stooges air pollution .
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