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Jan 31, 2004, 00:56
Ahhh, "Garista". Yep, got this one. Nice bang-clangy primitive-industrial, as I recall it...sort of in a Test Dept. vein. Annoyingly, it seems to be the only commonly-available zf stuff, since it saw some reissue action in the late 80s. A lot of their material were short/limited-run pressings in special packaging, ergo MUCH more difficult to come by.

These days, Robin Storey of zf continues on doing more ambient stuff as Rapoon. Interesting, too...ethno bits here and there, very roll-yer-eyes-back droney and deep-chilled in lots of places. Amusingly, he and I are on the same label these days:


Buy his stuff. Buy mine, too, but Robin's doing some nifty work and Magnatune's got loads for online delivery. And we all get 50/50 on gross from this firm, so you oughta be supporting 'em. Check it...

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