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Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan
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putting the record, ahem, straight (pt1)
Sep 17, 2003, 13:09
Well, I can see I’m going to have to repeat myself again, because I obviously wasn’t making my point clearly enough.

"I'm not so much trying to say it's OK to "bash gays" in lyrics, so much as I think your focusing all your criticism on this one issue is missing some of the larger context."

Don’t be so patronising. I am aware of the ‘larger context’. I’m only focusing on this issue because this happens to be the topic of conversation here at this moment. It wasn’t even me that bought it up as an issue. We could talk about misogyny too if you want, for example. And I never accused you of ‘trying to say it’s OK to "bash gays" in lyrics’. I wouldn’t be that bloody stupid, so stop trying to portray me as rabidly single-minded, thank you .

"Yes, it's a bad idea for minorities to slam other minorities. Yet it happens. "Gangsta rap" is not about "the way it should be" so much as "the fucked-up way it is right now." That's part of their whole aesthetic."

And I repeat yet again. I KNOW this, but that doesn’t mean it should go unchallenged. Shrugging shoulders and saying well it just happens isn’t gonna help things progress is it? The context is not of "the fucked-up way it is right now" being presented to question the situation. It’s expressing hatred in a way that PERPETUATES it. It’s being part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

I think the Beatles thing is a bad example. A title "No Pakistanis" suggests to me that it’s actually a direct critique of the racism of UK pub landlords. "No Pakistanis, No Irish, No Gypsies" was a common sign on pub doors in sixties Britain. This is, if anything a good example of showing "the fucked-up way it is right now" and it being a criticism.
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