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Dr Mary’s Monkey
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Dr Mary’s Monkey
Mar 02, 2018, 18:32
Fascinating tale if nothing else. I tend to think there’s probably a lot of truth in it.
‘Me and Lee’ by Judith Vary Baker also...

For anybody who’s interested in the ‘Cancer Business’, JFK/ Lee Oswald, the workings of Big Pharmaceutical Companies and more...
Just a heads up for those unaware.
Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Dr Mary’s Monkey
Mar 08, 2018, 21:35
It is a strange tale from some very strange times. The creation of front companies, fake labs, CIA constructed narratives which useful dupes were pasted into without realising it, real assassinations, drug money, ... "Dr Mary's Monkey" opens some quite amazing and spooky connections, dead-ends and dark, dark deeds.

What was "it" really all about?

What if (say) even (barely) 10% of what Judith Vary Baker tells us... actually turns out to be completely true? Where the HELL does that take us?
152 posts

Re: Dr Mary’s Monkey
Mar 12, 2018, 13:07
Hi there,
Indeed a strange tale..
It takes us into a world I’d rather not be real. I think many elements are though. The more you see, the thinner the veil becomes covering the dark intentions of the few.
How handy to weaponise nature and for the people to think ‘oh well, it’s just nature doing it’s thing’
For those not in the know one of the main themes in this book was to bump off Fidel Castro using a lab prepared fast acting cancer. Well that was the cover story anyway. I think they wanted it for ‘more general use’ Also millions of people received the polio vaccine 50’s/60’s which was ‘contaminated’ with a cancer causing monkey virus. Accidental? Apparently Scandinavian countries told the US where to stick their vaccine after tests..uk didn’t.
Think how useful such a weapon would be.. ‘oh they got cancer and passed away..’
Jack Ruby died very quickly, so it’s said, and knew he’d been infected. Now think of ‘problem people’ in say politics...Mind you I think they use heart attacks more commonly these days..think John Smith and Robin Cook?
So now the UK has a cancer lottery now..take that as you will.
And as for BBC four to be broadcasting a programme about the likekyhood and effects of a long over due pandemic on...wait for it...22/3/18 or 22/3/18..Who chose the broadcast date? I feel like I’m being toyed with. Maybe of no significance. But remember the panarama program priming people the year before 7/7?
7/7 ripple effect is worth a watch. Also Hillsbourgh ripple effect. Ok the guy thinks he’s the second coming but...And to be honest I’ve still not decided whether he was in fact part the team of a thousand people involved (Peter Power) in the ‘exercise’ on 7/7. I hope you follow my logic there. You just don’t know. It’s just possible.
Years ago, say thirty, very few had come across alternative views/conspiracy etc. Now it’s in the mainstream and the lines get very blurry..Many people are being led by false stuff put out by ‘them’
Flat earth, need I say more. There’s also an element of ‘they want you to be suspicious of events’
It’s like the school bully stealing you phone, denieing it to you face whilst serupticiouly producing it from thier pocket.

Why is the human trying to recreate everything that already exists in nature and substituting these things for the real thing. In one word ‘control’

Where do I go from here?
Another cuppa I think, and some dinner.

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