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What an appalling America I live in.
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Edited Aug 23, 2017, 20:03
Re: What an appalling America I live in.
Aug 23, 2017, 16:35
I agree with Phallus Dei in that we must be careful and watch whose message is being put across on these created news stories. The narratives are being created off-screen and the tail wags the dog as the predictable turds hit the fan dead centre. The sight of middle class college kids waving baseball bats, screaming at and spraying paint in the faces of people at a legitimate gathering was a bit disturbing. The fact that predictable violent confrontations were allowed to, and were actually corralled into happening was a strange and unusual thing.
The sight of a a grossly obese white male in his thirties in the midst of the rent-an-"alt-left"-mob waving a "Destroy White Privilege" placard was simply not credible... in that I do not believe that he would have walked into any white neighbourhood in any of the areas of America where Manufacturing Industry has been wiped out, unemployment was high and folks are desperate and waved his placard. He would have been run out of town on a rail, albeit a very strong rail which could bear his considerable weight.
I travelled to and lived and worked in America in the mid and late 80's. I enjoyed the place and the people. The social media, Snapchat and Spacebook gibberish which appear to belittle and ridicule hundreds of years of history and progress with "thumbs up/down", "like/unlike" and memes knocked together in ten seconds, coupled with ultra-reactionary responses to minutely percieved flaws in social media comments... are like a badly organised "Introduction to Social Sciences" debate in a crap High School between pupils full of Lucozade and Sugary Flumps.
Meanwhile Wall Street has just shut down a further 100,000 jobs in maufacturing in the South. Fracking has blown the bedrock out of *** (pick a State), some City Bank (pick one) has just switched off the lights on the way out as they left with all the investors money... the continuation and expansion of a new burst of the Afghan War has been agreed. No-one really noticed that Obama presided over more war than any other president in US History. Trump no more created the Alt-Right than he created the Alt-Left, Trump never created the situation in the Middle-East, South China Sea, Guam, North Korea or the Philippines. But he sure as hell finds he now has to deal with the can of worms which his predecessors ran with. Just as an aside... has anyone noticed what has been happening in the South China Sea and around that environment?

There was a bunch of sunburnt angry people disagreeing about a 170 year old statue of a soldier. One of them said this on Facebook and one of them said that on Facebook. Welcome to the circus tent. Meanwhile out in the world...

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