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The Naysayers.....
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Re: The Naysayers.....
Jul 12, 2017, 16:09
tjj wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
tjj wrote:
I know I've been given specific instructions by our dear Moss (genuinely wishing her a speedy recovery from her temporary disability) not to wind you up and yes, I do know you won't respond to this. Nevertheless, I'm not going let you get away with your own version of 'stirring the pot'. Roy's words, not mine.

I think we all know Nigel was referring to "A Lady In Waiting" written by Roy Goutte, published 2009. Roy referred to it extensively on TMA and was even kind enough to send me a signed copy.

d.) If I'd written a book (which I have) and promoted it loudly on here in 2010 that might be different, don't you think?

June, what on earth are you talking about, what on earth has this got to do with one of my own books? Nigel said (as seen above) that he had written a book and had he promoted it here in 2010 that might be different. Where does my book come into this as I've not mentioned it, only showing an interest in his own book.
I'm afraid we don't all know that this was about A Lady in Waiting, least of all me and I'm very disappointed in you for suggesting that.
I'm afraid that I can only assume that you are colluding with Nigel again and he is feeding you information as every time his back is against the wall you step in like a mother hen. You'll be changing his nappy soon!

Do I care that you are disappointed in me (hahaha)? Do I care you feel the need to answer for Littlestone because he won't? Do I care you think I'm colluding with Nigel? (And I won't dignify your final sentence with any sort of acknowledgement). The answer is NO Roy, I do not.
Patronise, diminish and insult away - you will not get the reaction you are hoping for.

Good - silence is golden.
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