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The Naysayers.....
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Re: The Naysayers.....
Jul 12, 2017, 16:01
nigelswift wrote:
We have 2 books pending but the one published was mine but not in English. I am not getting involved as it's blindingly obvious what's going on here with you two but if either of you persist, I WILL retaliate with a review of Sanctuary's book, which I've read and which puts forward a ludicrous crank theory about Silbury.

Just stop.

That's the second time you have threatened someone here Nigel and I think it is you that should stop. You threatened Moss a few weeks back if she carried on discussing something that happened between you and Littlestone and now you're threatening me. I can put up with you but you should be ashamed of yourself putting pressure on a lady. You are a disgrace and a coward sir.

Feel free to review my very successful book which met with some excellent reviews and embarrass yourself yet again for making a fool of yourself by denigrating a published author for having a viewpoint that didn't fall in line with your way of thinking. It's the dowsing/ley lines/crop circle thing all over again isn't it. Nigel doesn't agree so it has to be rubbish so let's belittle the poor deluded sods involved and get them booted out or so disheartened in the forum they don't feel welcome and leave.

Just look at TMA everyone. A shadow of it's former self destroyed by this type of demeaning behaviour.

Or, just look the other way and see it deteriorate even faster.
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