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Grenfell Tower Block
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Re: Grenfell Tower Block
Jul 03, 2017, 18:43
This is a catastrophe of monumental and historic proportions - the only other accident I can compare it to was the Kings Cross Fire of 1987 where a cigarette end caught fire to a wooden escalator - with a much smaller loss of life, though many injured.
As it happens one of my sons fits cladding for a living, though he has never worked on a tower block. Like you with your wife, I've discussed it with him. He says the correct way to fit cladding is to leave a gap behind it (which seems to have been part of the problem) and it wasn't the way it was fitted but the materials used that were at fault. As I said elsewhere, I used to live in the area many years ago. Had fate not caused me to move away I could well have ended up living in one of those tower blocks. Am grateful for some of the twists and turns life has taken which seemed to work out for the best in the end.

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