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Ireland threatening to block Brexit deal ....
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Re: Ireland... Tories threaten Good Friday Agreement to be tossed out on Blue Bin day.
Jun 30, 2017, 11:57
thesweetcheat wrote:
"These all seem to be sensible expenditures...but what the hell does Dhajjie know...???"

That's the whole point, I'm glad you agree that the fiction of austerity is depriving the UK of "sensible expenditures".

They may well be sensible, but for 7 years this Tory government has argued that austerity is a necessity. Now suddenly when they need to find allies to keep them in power at any cost, it's not. And where is the equivalent money being released to Wales and Scotland? Oh wait, the Tories aren't relying on Plaid Cymru or SNP MPs to keep them in power.

And all of this places the GFA in terrible jeopardy.

I think the problem is that local finance in exchange for central votes is much more prevalent in the American system. Known as pork I think. Not unknown here but when it raises it's head so blatantly there's a degree of revulsion. A Tory MP said in the House yesterday she was happy NI got the benefits but deeply ashamed of how it had happened, which sums it up nicely.

Anyway, having called an election 3 years early to get a stronger mandate and ended up with a weaker one there's a strong argument that under the parliamentary system as it ought and used to function she should have done the honorable thing. She didn't, so contempt is well merited.
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