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Ireland threatening to block Brexit deal ....
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Re: Ireland threatening to block Brexit deal ....
Jun 27, 2017, 22:28
dhajjieboy wrote:
carol27 wrote:
A " revolution " in this country Dhaji, as I'm sure you know, would mean
the voting in of Jeremy Corbyn. In Ireland the threatening of the Good Friday agreement could lead to major unrest ( an extremely backward & cynical step committed by a pathetic, self interested government). Is civil unrest the same as revolution? What's the obsession with benefit recipients? Are they really all bone idle scroungers? Come on..

Hi Carol,
I'm pretty sure my description of what a 'Revolution' would be comprised of, and what would kick it off, is actually far more accurate than simply {as you say}"the voting in of Jeremy Corbyn"...
To me that notion is laughably naive...
It really doesn't matter who gets the leadership in the current paradigm, anyone in the prime ministers seat, or the Presidents for that matter is constrained by the same limited funds and resources as the next poor bastard willing to shoulder the task...
I don't believe in Messiah's or myrical workers...Corbyn is just another politician who has mastered saying what his constituents want to hear.
I know the states is 20{+++} Trillion dollars in debt...i doubt that the UK is far behind per/capita.
{My understanding is that all the gold reserves that the United states owns is essentially worth less than 2 Trillion, between the treasury in New York and Fort Knox together....}{We are essentially, by any standard of measure..."BANKRUPT"...}{So are all of YOU.}
What any government currently has left to work with is invariably going to be spent on bolstering the current equilibrium {and desperately hoping to improve it..}....NOT on promise delivery of more 'benefits'.
Any resources that are left, as an imperative, need to be directed towards keeping societies infrastructures intact...{OR paying back STAGGERING debt owed to CHINA...for fuck's sake.}
{Also, China wants its debts paid in gold bullion..they know how worthless our currencies actually are.}
That's a natural fact.
In a world that has nigh on 8 BILLION self centered son's of bitches...
Austerity is the future that we all have bought upon ourselves.
Like i said...when the checks stop arriving...and that is a certainty...the 'Revolution' will then begin....
It's ....Always.... the empty stomachs that kick it off.

There really is only 2 choices...austerity measures or complete bankruptcy to the point of government shutdown, and the checks not arriving in the post...
If that's your idea of "obsession with benefits recipients"...well so be it..
I just think {at least at this point}, that my version of 'how things currently are' is a little more candid than yours.

And what would Dhajjie do about it all....?
Go back to the drawing board and rewrite ALL the rules....
Democracy does not work in its current fashion.
It is a beautiful thing in small cultured societies...WE are no longer that by any stretch of the imagination as a collective species....
Thinking locally with the same worn out schism mentalities has not worked out throughout the centuries...let alone in this world where everyone thinks they know better than the next.
Nothing Corbyn has up his sleeve, hasn't been tried before.
You all best get workin' together RIGHT NOW.

Well said Dhajjie...
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