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Dear Eds
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Re: Dear Eds
Jun 21, 2017, 14:14
nigelswift wrote:
I see you (presumably) have now locked a thread where there was a threat by someone to do so if things didn't stay on his topic. Good, all that remains is for the power to lock being made yours alone. IMO.

On a related issue: surely, going off topic shouldn't be grounds for locking by anyone? Can't anyone say anything, relevant or not? That's how it works in pubs. Imagine a garrulous opinionated individual in the corner objecting to contributions he alone deemed irrelevant! It was like that in the White Lion, Bridgnorth years ago and trust me it wasn't good.

I have already mentioned to you before Nigel, that as you are ageing, you really seem to be losing the plot.
Their was no 'Threat' implied by me to LOCK the 'white helmets' thread...it was simply a promise that it would happen if comments about 'womans exploded clitoris's'{as a comedic context} kept cropping up.
To say nothing about the thread being swamped in RUSSIAN propaganda/misinformation links...
With all the current talk about Russian meddling in national elections, do you really think that wasn't happening in that thread?
I didn't realize until very recently how pernicious all that meddling has become....
I do believe that i very effectively demonstrated how all the posted links in that thread were of RUSSIAN origin...
If that is your brand of tea...well...i sure can't tell you what to drink.
The fact is, i watched that segment of 60 minutes the night before and was genuinely touched by the White helmets humanitarian efforts.
Regarding Moderation....well, every rational debate has and requires it. The debate teams i participated in as a lad had a moderator and sanctions as well for anyone that would dare to produce non-attributable evidence/source references into play.
You see, i'm still old school...Links to Russian horse shit propaganda sites would be so far beyond my personal code of ethics to produce here.....
Real facts come from far better vetted resources.
Encyclopedias, Journals, periodicals, respected {peer reviewed} journalists, Nobel prize award committees, Humanitarian organizations....you know, 'stuff' like that....
I just haven't found anything to sink my teeth into as far a RUSSIAN sourced links are concerned...and as far as i'm concerned if certain inscrutable elements conscript a thread with angels on it's side with such things, it is only right that it gets Locked up. Sensibility and all that.
There is quite alot to be said for Right/Wrong with no grey areas..one of the reasons that i love the 'Jeopardy' game show so much....there is no rhetoric/spin/fabrication/opinion.....it's just down to whether you Know the 'correct' answer or not.{and 'Moderated' by Alex Trebec too}
I love that.
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