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Thank you to London police
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Re: Thank you to London police
Jun 05, 2017, 08:27
drewbhoy wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
thesweetcheat wrote:
No comment to make on May's approach then? 7 years of Conservative government, most with her as Home Secretary, and you're the one saying people don't feel safe to go out.

All reasonable people even if they are not interested in politics realise that if there is not enough money to go around have to put a little bit here and a little bit there. It's called paying Peter to pay Paul. Maybe you've not heard that saying before.
When Labour were given the boot in 2010 after bleeding us dry and we had the disastrous Con/LibDem fiasco to put up with, money was scarce - enter austerity. It was your glorious Labour party that laid the foundation to this and is now having to be dealt with by the Conservative government. If Labour had done a decent job they would still be in power, but they blew it, along with our money! Put Corbyn in charge and he will bankrupt us with all his reckless promises.

Money has to be distributed carefully but to some not always fairly depending on what camp you are in. Give it all to the NHS and others start whinging. Give it to those others and the NHS then starts whinging and so on.
There is no magic money tree as a cure-for-all like Labour would have you believe. If there was they would still be in power. Wake up and smell the roses instead of looking for scraps all the time to continue your personal war against Theresa May. God help us if Labour get in.

Distribute fairly and nobody will complain. More easily done than said, its a simple choice to do right or wrong. Most reasonable would people agree.

And things change Drew. A month ago give it all to the NHS, now security. It's a no win situation at times. Never mind Mr Corbyn will resolve it all with his fabled money tree :-)
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