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Thank you to London police
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Re: Thank you to London police
Jun 04, 2017, 13:34
Sanctuary wrote:
tjj wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
The London Mayor said we will not be cowed and we should carry on as normal.

100% Bollocks. People, especially the elderly, are terrified. Our country is becoming open season to terrorists. The media show people fleeing the scenes in terror and to a terrorist watching this must be manna from heaven!

When are we going to wake up to the fact that we are at war with these bastards. When will the penny drop?

The police, on and off duty, have been outstanding but are not soldiers and don't fight wars - but the army do!
Instead of us continually planning what we are going to do in the event of an attack, we should have the army out there scouring the country and eradicating those bastards before they do. The public will talk to soldiers more readily about people or groups they suspect in their area knowing they will be protected by professional soldiers.

Enough is enough are the wisest words I've heard in months. Now get the job done! We have been far too soft in this country.

Stop it! You don't live in London or Manchester, the people who do have to carry on and carry on they will.

Of course they do, we all do, but they are still terrified and don't carry on as normal. They carry on looking over their shoulder.

I imagine Sadiq Khan didn't sleep much last and was trying keep a sense of calm as opposed to panic. Of course people are afraid. My son and his family live in London. I have been given a gift of a ticket for a concert at the O2 Arena later in the month. I shall still go even though I dislike going into London these days for the reasons you pointed out. This fear has been around since July 2005 - there is no point in fanning the flames.
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