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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Manchester
May 25, 2017, 08:29
sanshee wrote:
The civil war in Syria began in Syria, no help needed.
And his parents fled Lybia to make a better life here.
Should we bomb these countries?
No, ideally, we should ignore them.

Western backed proxy armies of Daesh and ISIS leap-frogged their way from Libya (once they'd wrecked the country) to Syria (with help from the Usual Suspects). They started our work. There was no civil war in Syria. One was created with Western and Saudi-backed proxy armies of mercenaries. We have bombed both of these countries into the Stone Age.And we have boots on the ground in Syria (Parliament was not recalled). Just in case people haven't noticed - we are at war.
We could try and ignore those stable states which existed back in 2010. But we decided to wage war and destabilise them. We backed the worst Dogs of War Wahhabist head-cutters (Daesh/ISIS etc) on the planet to do our dirty work for us. They are continuing their dirty work and taking their work home with them... Manchester is what the CIA refer to as "blowback".

Poor Manchester.
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