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Brexit and the UK food industry.
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Edited May 30, 2017, 17:59
Re: The art of negotiation
May 30, 2017, 17:10
I get tired of this argument about Corbyn being empathic & apologetic, & willing to negotiate,blah, blah blah as being some sort of weakness. It's almost as though being reasonable, rational & truthful is a deluded way of being; as though supporting less privileged people is a shameful thing; as though having an intellect & compassion is something to be disregarded. The world is crazy & self destructive. We have an imbecile in "charge" of the free west. Don't think for a minute that Corbyn isn't " hard"; there's no way in the world that he would've reached the position he's now in without some spectacular skull crushing; he just crushes the right skulls:)
If May wants a " hard" Brexit, whatever that might mean, she'll get a hard Brexit. They'll wipe the floor with us. They'll have to make us an example. Also if she can't even convincingly win a debate against one, admittedly far more intelligent & measured man, how the hell is she gonna win it against 22+ member states men/ women? She hand picks her campaign audiences at her rallies; Corbyn spontaneously gets thousands.
Change is a coming..maybe not just yet, but it will happen.
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