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Brexit and the UK food industry.
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Re: Brexit and the UK food industry.
May 24, 2017, 18:36
May is scared of the public. She can't put across her own manifesto policies coherently when asked by interviewers. She only takes vetted questions from vetted journalists. She has backtracked and U-turned on dozens of issues when challenged. Weak and wobbly is definitely the impression she's been giving.

David Davies is incapable and has no understanding of either EU law or economics. Don't even start on Boris Johnson and Liam Fox.

Corbyn on the other hand is measured, unflustered and has been consistent in his views. He wants to reach diplomatic agreement, not flounce out on "no deal". Kier Starmer is a QC, he understands the law and has made a successful career out of developing a position and carrying an argument. Which team would I prefer to have negotiating with other EU countries? No contest.

The Conservatives have been in power for 7 years. They've doubled the debt while slashing services, all without the added financial pressure of Brexit. Your faith in them doing the right thing at some unspecified date in the future is based on a very poor track record in government so far. Why aren't you asking what they've spent all that money on?

Brexit seems to be like a religious mania. It eclipses all other concerns and its fanatics can't understand that any other business of a government; health, education, welfare, housing, the environment, security must continue to be managed as well. Give May her "strong hand" for negotiating if you will, but don't be surprised when her government continue their existing path in all those other areas in the meantime.

As for the "not congratulating" you thing, you keep bringing that up. You seem to be rather fragile in your victory that you need us to congratulate you. It's not a cricket match. What did you actually do to bring about the great triumph, other than voting? I did that too. Well done us, we were heroic.
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