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Political language
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Political language
May 03, 2017, 09:38
I was listening to this yesterday
Michael Rosen's 'word of mouth'

It was mostly about American political language but you could see how much of it applied to this country. Also part about how language frames your understanding, so to talk about 'left and right' gives the impression it's a line from one to the other, with a coveted sensible centre where everything is balanced.

Also some interesting stuff about how the right wing are possibly more likely to have been trained on business courses, so they have understanding of marketing psychology, and have the language of pursuasion that's used in advertising... which works on how people's brains truly work rather than how you'd like to hope rational people think things through.

Also some interesting stuff about Donald Trump's use of language (including not finishing sentences and allowing people to imagine the endings for themselves)

I recommend
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