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Introducing... Chelsea Clinton
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phallus dei
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Re: Introducing... Chelsea Clinton
May 04, 2017, 04:05
Locodogz wrote:
Hmmmm by the same (somewhat convoluted) logic are you claiming that the many millions of Americans who voted for Hilary at the last election also "support" genital mutilation?

Or is it just Chelsea by dint of her failure to denounce her parents?

Please explain what aspect of the argument you find convoluted.

For the sake of clarity, "genital mutilation" is being used by Digger and I as an allegory for the physical, environmental, political and economic mutilation of Muslim countries by the USA...

If one (say an American) supported the overthrow of the Communist government of Afghanistan, only to have the void filled by the Taliban... and then supported the overthrow of Saddam, only to have the void filled by civil war and ISIS.. and then supported the overthrow of Gadaffi, only to have the void filled by ISIS... and then supported the attempted overthrow of Assad, which has again led to ISIS... then it should be abundantly clear by this point that America's "humanitarian intervention" is nothing but a recipe for the drastic degradation of the lives of the people in the countries that it is claiming to "save." In each of these cases, secular regimes have been replaced by barbarism.

Certainly, any rational and morally inclined thinker needs to consider the results of policies that they either actively or passively support. Perhaps one can attempt to "rationalize" their support of Hilary Clinton by saying something like, "well, she advocates continuing a foreign policy that has already led to the deaths of millions, but the symbolic capital of having a woman president would override all that." Personally, I don't find that argument persuasive.

To a degree, every American bears guilt for the crimes committed in their name by the "indispensable nation." Obviously, though, some are more guilty than others. Chelsea Clinton has benefited much more from her parent's crimes than have the average Joe and Jane who voted for Hilary. Chelsea Clinton should be held up for public condemnation. The millions of ordinary people who voted for a warmonger need to conduct their own period of self-reflection.

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