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Re: Hunting Act
May 10, 2017, 18:24
thesweetcheat wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
thesweetcheat wrote:
Hunt masters see a big Tory majority as an opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act:


Sorry, but as much as I loathe fox hunting as well as the next decent person would, it is Manky Mancroft that is urging the hunt masters on and not the Hunt Masters themselves as you incorrectly claim.
Some may do some may not, but let's have it right to start with instead of trying to score points unfairly...Don't jump the gun, that's all I'm saying!

'The email, sent to hunts across the country by Tory peer Lord Mancroft, urges hunt masters to “mobilise supporters” and campaign for pro-hunting Tories in marginal seats'.

I didn't use the word "urging" in my post, nor did I say who was doing what, you've added all that bit in yourself. You do have a tendency to use emotive words that I haven't used like "evil" and "hatred" in your replies to me, as if to suggest that's my language rather than yours.

But really this is semantics, especially now May has explicitly stated that she supports fox hunting. It seems pretty obvious that hunt masters will see a big Tory majority as an opportunity to repeal the Act, given their endless lobbying for exactly that since 2004, not to mention many hunts continuing to flagrantly break the law and let their dogs kill foxes.

Another cop out..
You used a link to state your case. Read it properly and stop points scoring until what you are claiming is true. It was Mancroft that is stirring the sh1t not the hunt masters - yet! You used the link so their words become your words also.
Theresa May does support fox hunting which is a shame but it doesn't follow that she is going to go against what the public voted for (84%). Stop jumping the gun and trying to influence people again and wait and see.
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