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Another Election
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Edited May 04, 2017, 08:35
Re: Another Election
May 04, 2017, 08:19
I think it's irrelevant and unhelpful to equate the appalling actions of a person who quite clearly had serious mental health problems with the Brexit vote in general, if that is what she was/is attempting to do. I tend to avoid MSM news, but occasionally watch out of interest, and Diane Abbot uses every opportunity to peddle the idea that Brexit is basically driven by people 'wanting to see less foreign looking people on the street' (sic). The accusations of outright racism and the term nazi are frequently bandied about or made, albeit thinly veiled, at the moment. This is an asinine and gross misrepresentation which is also dangerous. We are all aware of lunatic fringe minorities both far right and left, but I am never surprised at her cack handed verbocity and lack of political astuteness. She rails against grammar schools, and yet gave her son an expensive private education. She is just symptomatic of the delusional hypocrisy of the vast majority of mainstream politicians these days. To use an old fashioned northern saying, I wouldn't give you tuppence a bucketful for any of them.

(ps: re HATE on this forum: I'm outside of the historical loop re personal factions/animosities both here and TMA, the latter which I don't visit, and as for here, I'm a very infrequent visitor who just happened to take an interest in some of the points being made in this discussion. I take no sides and have no personal agenda or interest in any).
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