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Another Election
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Edited May 04, 2017, 08:45
Re: Another Election
May 03, 2017, 22:24
jb lamptoast-morsley wrote:
I watched the interview which made Diane Abbott listen to her poor performance. Which seemed perverse in itself. My reaction was that it was completely over the top. She's only human - remind me never to become a politician. The female presenter was so unpleasant. It is this side of things in politics that really turns me off - much like the behaviour in the House of Commons and Theresa May's haughty and condescending expressions every time Jeremy Corbyn speaks.

Yes, the interviewer was unrelenting, good on her. So many politicians spout so much waffle that someone’s got to hold their feet to the fire. John Humphries does it practically every day on the radio. You can’t just let politicians off the hook by saying ‘they’re only human’. Can you imagine Diane Abbott as Secretary for Brexit; she’d probably end up giving Michel Barnier and the EU two hundred billion Euros instead of the one hundred billion it’s now being suggested we owe them. Cobblers. Someone should remind Angela Merkel that -

“As a result of the Nazi German occupation, much of Greece was subjected to enormous destruction of its industry (80% of which was destroyed), infrastructure (28% destroyed), ports, roads, railways and bridges (90%), forests and other natural resources (25%) and loss of civilian life (7.02% - 11.17% of its citizens). The occupying Nazi regime forced Greece to pay the cost of the Nazi occupation in the country and requisite raw materials and food for the occupation forces, creating the conditions for the Great Famine. Furthermore, in 1942, the Greek Central Bank was forced by the occupying Nazi regime to loan 476 million Reichsmarks at 0% interest to Nazi Germany.

“After the war, in 1960, Greece accepted 115 million Marks from West Germany as compensation for Nazi crimes. Nevertheless, past Greek governments have insisted that this was only a down-payment, not complete reparations. In 1990, immediately prior to German reunification, West Germany and East Germany signed the Two Plus Four Agreement with the former Allied countries of the United States, United Kingdom, France, and the Soviet Union, but not Greece. Since that time, Germany has unilaterally insisted that all matters concerning World War II, including further reparations to Greece, are closed.” (Wiki).

Given the interest accruing on the remaining German debt to Greece the former owes the latter mega-bucks. Is it paying up? Is it feck. Instead it’s turning the economic screw on Greece and, as I said above, allowing it to bear the brunt of the immigration problem.

We’re beginning to see the nasty face of the EU starting to show itself. Mark my words, it’ll show itself to be even nastier.
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