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Another Election
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Edited May 03, 2017, 22:49
Re: Another Election
May 03, 2017, 21:44
Ethericat wrote:
tjj wrote:
Ethericat wrote:
A lot of her sentences these days fall along the deranged lines of 'all brexit voters are horrible racists and nazis', and when challenged, she visibly deflates into a corner of sulk with no adequate intelligent response.

I can't say I've ever heard her say those things but then I don't scrutinize her that closely. She was loyal to Jeremy Corbyn when much of the Shadow Cabinet turned on him - Corbyn feels clearly loyal in return. I can't imagine that he would validate the use of such emotive language - I certainly don't think along those lines either. Sadly I suspect a lot of Brexit voters would have voted the other way if the current turmoil could have been foreseen. A large percentage of them were just ordinary people who believed what they were fed at the time. No doubt a small percentage may well harbour dislike of foreigners where ever they're from.

I was being slightly sarcastic but accurate re. her usual Question Time etc rhetoric, and as for 'fed at the time' ? Does that also apply to The Fear bull re leaving ? Some friends/relatives of mine were pro Remain but are now having doubts at the latest posturing outrageous threats from Juncker, others not. As for turmoil, it's called change. We ride it. History, and no doubt a small percentage of remain voters harbour an irrational prejudiced dislike of those that disagree with them?

Ethericat, you were the one who introduced the words 'racism' and 'nazi' into the discussion - I was pointedly careful not to use those words, even though it is a recorded fact that racist attacks increased considerably after the referendum results. I haven't watched Question Time for some time so can't refute what you say as such. Perhaps Dianne Abbott was thinking about her colleague Jo Cox who was murdered in cold blood by a racist. Jo Cox, I'm sure you will agree, was a good person who stood up for the people in her constituency whatever their race, colour or creed. Her murder is what I define as Hate - not disagreeing with someone on a forum.
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