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Another Election
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John Rice
John Rice
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Re: Another Election
Apr 28, 2017, 13:22
"what exactly are the benefits of belonging to the EU?"

Well, as an EU citizen you have the right to live and work in any one of 28 (now 27) nations and still retain all of the same rights as you would in your home country. To me -- as someone who has lived and worked in 5 EU nations -- that's a *massive* benefit.

I may be doing you a disservice, but I suspect you actually meant "what are the benefits to me personally?"

Brexiteer: There are no benefits to being an EU citizen.

Remoaner: But I just applied for a job in Frankfurt that I'm now unlikely to get because of the uncertainty of my immigration status.

Brexiteer: Yeah? But *I* don't want a job in bloody Krautland, do I? I meant there are no benefits for me personally, and if you perceive benefits that I don't want or don't see? Well, who cares? I'm more than happy to vote to deny them to you.
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